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"In the field"
emmalee reed
Jan 30, 2020
Location: Columbia, Missouri
On Tuesday, I started working on my first story that isn't a brief.

I was nervous to go to this group meeting and talk to the people there. It wasn't so much being nervous to talk, but to get all the information I needed to get the story right; I am still getting comfortable reporting stories instead of photographing them. While both writing and photographs tell stories, I am learning that each medium requires a different way of thinking about the information required and how to gather it.

I don't want to say exactly what story I'm working on because I don't think I am supposed to write that on my public blog, but the first reporting session went well. The people that I talked to were really nice and I am excited to talk to them more. When I was nervous and asking advice before going to the meeting, my friends told me that I knew what to do and to trust my news-judgement. I didn't believe them, but maybe I do know what to do, and maybe I can trust my news-judgement. 

Emmalee Reed

Emmalee Reed is a photo editor and photographer based in Columbia, Missouri. She specializes in documentary photography and photojournalism.
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