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emmalee reed
Feb 8, 2020
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This week, I started on interviews for my first big story. I had two interviews on Monday, back-to-back.

The interviews went well, and I was able to get lots of good information for the story that I am working on. The people I interviewed were really nice and easy to talk to, so it made for a very comfortable and enjoyable time.

After working on transcribing the interviews and going over the notes that I took, I have found some holes were I should have asked more questions. One thing I need to work on in the future is asking follow-up questions to answers that are intriguing. I make sure to get all of the information that I think I need, but I am afraid that I might be missing something in the spaces between questions. I'll work on staying in the moment and asking questions about topics that come up naturally in future interviews.

One trick I use—that every journalist seems to swear by—is asking the interview subject if there is anything they think I should know, typically at the end of the interview. It is wild the amount of interesting stories and details that come out of asking this question. Sometimes people don't have anything to add, which is okay. But when people do have something to tell, I've found its normally something amazing. I'll be sure to keep asking this question. And I am excited to interview more people and refine my interviewing skills.

Emmalee Reed

Emmalee Reed is a photo editor and photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pa. She specializes in documentary photography and photojournalism.
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