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Work in progress: Birding in mid-Missouri
emmalee reed
Sep 30, 2020
Location: Columbia, Mo
Our group has had a bit of a slow start to our multimedia project. I emailed our original contact for the Brown-headed Nuthatch reintroduction story last week, but didn't get a response until this week because she was out of town. It turns out that the reintroduction is happening in the Ozarks, 3.5 hours away. While all of us are really into the idea and the story, we don't really have time in our schedules to block off 7+ hours of driving and shooting for the story.

We've decided to move to a more local version of a birding story using contacts Kate's grandma has. We think that our new focus would be about birding in mid-Missouri and we are working on reaching out to Kate's contacts, as well as members of the Columbia Audubon Society. Our project will have all of the same elements we planned on (text story, photographs, video, website), but with a slightly different angle.

Emmalee Reed

Emmalee Reed is a photo editor and photographer based in Columbia, Missouri. She specializes in documentary photography and photojournalism.
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